April 17, 2007

Wacky Wordsworth Pandering

Please watch this and tell me that you cringe in utter horror the way I do:

Squirrel Rapping Wordsworth

I think pretty much anyone seeing this believes that it's just wrong wrong wrong wrong. Yes, I understand that it's a publicity stunt more than anything else (and it seems like there's been quite a bit of press, so guess it worked), but what the hell were these people thinking?

The most amazing part of it is imagining that there were multiple minds involved in the planning and execution of this sad project. Or maybe it's the multiple minds that were the problem...

TOURIST BUREAU GUY: We need more visitors to the Lake Country

CONSULTING LIT PROF: Well we've been using Wordsworth as a draw for years, no need to change that. If only we could get the younger (under-75) generation interested in Romantic poetry!

MULTIMEDIA EXPERT: I've noticed that this "youtube" is very popular among the kids today.

TOURIST BUREAU GUY: Yes! We'll become an internet overnight success! Brilliant!

CONSULTING LIT PROF: We could upload a video of me reading "I Wandered Lonely as a Cloud" as I gaze reflectively over the local landscape.

MULTIMEDIA EXPERT: We could do that, but you need some kind of "hook" to get noticed on youtube.

TOURIST BUREAU GUY: Hey you know what'd be crazy? Just throwing this out there -- what if while you were reading the poem, you were attacked by giant squirrels? It would be funny and draw attention to our unique squirrel population. We'd have to include a disclaimer that our squirrels aren't actually humongous man-eating monsters, but still I think it would get noticed! Brilliant!

CONSULTING LIT PROF: I don't know if that fits the tone of the poem very well.

MULTIMEDIEA EXPERT: You know what else the kids today like, aside from youtube? rap music. And a lot of people say it's sort of like poetry.

CONSULTING LIT PROF: Oh wouldn't it be just so precious - we could be the first people ever in history to think of someone "rapping" a classic poem! We are just so clever!

MULTIMEDIA EXPERT: I'll start watching BET 24 hours a day to get ideas for filming a rap video. We can replace the scantily-clad women with daffodils or something.

TOURIST BUREAU GUY: I love this idea! We are on the cutting edge here, men! I only see one possible drawback


TOURIST BUREAU GUY: Well, rappers ... they're usually ... you know ...


TROUIST BUREAU GUY: Um ... well ... of African descent. And there's nothing wrong with that of course, but it's not exactly the image we want tourists to have of the Lake Country, is it?


MULTIMEDIA EXPERT: Good point. How can we solve this?

TOURIST BUREAU GUY: Maybe there's a way to work in the giant squirrel idea somehow...

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